Amazon To Houzz

Product Listing Service

We'll crawl and capture your rich product data from Amazon Marketplace and then format, validate, and upload to Houzz Marketplace.

Amazon Product Export To Houzz

We crawl Amazon product data and format, upload, and get your products on Houzz.

Export Listings

We'll start with an export of your Amazon product listings. We create a bot, and crawl the ASINs you sell.

Format for Upload

Then, we'll get your product data ready to upload. This is a way of organizing the product data so that it can be uploaded in bulk.

Publish Listings

Once everything is ready, we will upload your Amazon listings to Houzz in bulk to get you kickstarted and ready to sell quickly.

If you sell furniture and home goods then Houzz is one of the most successful and focused home improvement retail stores online. Houzz has free on-boarding service to take your product data and upload to their platform. However it can take many months to get your products uploaded and if you don't have the product data ready to hand them then you have to create or capture the data yourself.

Our Amazon to Houzz on-boarding service solves this problem. We create bots, crawl and capture your Amazon product data in full, and then we format and upload to your Houzz account. Houzz product rules for uploading still apply but this speeds up the process to get onboard a fast growing marketplace without the long wait.

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