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We'll crawl and capture your rich product data from BigCommerce and then format, validate, and upload to Walmart Marketplace.

BigCommerce To Walmart Product Uploading

Thinking of adding additional channels to sell your products? Walmart is a great channel to get into right now, and it’s a great addition to your BigCommerce store. Setting up Walmart marketplace with BigCommerce can be tricky. Due to Walmart’s requirements and the constraints of BigCommerce's exportability getting everything mapped out can be a daunting task.

  • The images first have to be downloaded via FTP from your current BigCommerce store and mapped out to the proper product SKU from the exported product data.
  • Then the images are uploaded and stored on our temporary server until they are transferred to your Walmart account.
  • The images are then mapped out inside your Walmart account to be matched with the correct product data from your BigCommerce store. Once it’s all mapped the categories are set up and then you are ready to start selling your BigCommerce products on Walmart!

Combining the forces of your BigCommerce store and the Walmart marketplace will help your products find customers that possibly would have never found your website. Let’s expand your store to the Walmart Marketplace and see where it can take your company!

Walmart Marketplace Setup
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