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We capture your product data from your website, suppliers, or marketplace channels. Then bulk format, validate, and upload your products to Houzz.

Houzz Product Uploading

Houzz is the best place to get inspiration when designing your home. Houzz has over 40 Million monthly visitors looking for the best ideas and product to buy. There are a few options for merchants on Houzz.com to promote yourself or your business.

1. Subcontractors seeking clients looking to do construction on a room in their house.
2. Designers seek clients looking for someone to design the decor in their house.
3. Companies Selling Home Decor to customers looking to purchase goods by Advertising Their Goods.
4. Retailers and Manufacturers looking to sell products in the Houzz Marketplace.

We help our clients get their product data listed on Houzz. This includes product title, features, description, videos and images and more. We also offer inventory updates to keep your inventory up to date so you never oversell products. It is important to always stay in compliance with Houzz and it is a good practice for customer service as well.

Reach out to us today and we'll help you get fully setup on Houzz Marketplace and upload all your products in bulk. Get up and running quick and watch your business grow on this amazing home-focused marketplace.

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