In-House Team of Experts

Pelican Commerce has spent 6-years designing services that business owners actually need. A process that is a bit different from your typical agency in our space. Over the past 14 years, we built our own E-Commerce business with a large catalog, custom integrations, and extensive custom onboarding software to keep our catalogs up to date and our process fast. In that journey, we found hiring an agency to be difficult and expensive and the worst part of the experience was that the people working on our project in many cases didn’t even work for the agency.

So we thought we could do it better by taking a completely different approach. We design and build out a complete scope of work for our services before we offer them to the public. Each of our services is well-thought-out, complete, and we sprinkle special needs on top of the solid foundation that we build before you even found us. We have found this to make projects successful because our clients come to us because they need experts that have first-hand experience in the E-Commerce space.

Working with an In-House team brings reliability and fast turnaround times and overall has been a tremendous success for our clients. As we move forward and stay on top of all the new functionality that is constantly released on the platforms we support, we look forward to servicing you and your team.

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