Marketplace Setup Service

Expand Your Selling Channels

We capture your product data from your existing selling channels and then setup new marketplace channels by bulk uploading your catalog.

All Leading E-Commerce Platforms

We capture data from all leading platforms.

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Marketplace Product Uploading

We bulk upload products to most marketplaces around the world.

Product Title, Description, Inventory, Pricing, Tax, etc.
Pricing/Inventory Rules
Special formulas for bulk inventory and pricing updates to existing data.
Image Processing
We'll create an unlimited white background for your images.
Product Images
Product main image and all additional images assigned to each product.
Categories + Tags
Product categories setup, moved, mapped and assigned to each product detail page.
Image Resizing
We'll Bulk Resize your images for your website or marketplaces.
Product Variants
Product variations for similar product options like Color, Size, etc.
Strip HTML Styling
Embedded HTML removal to keep your data displayed clean on your live site.
Image Migration
We'll migrate your product images to a new platform in bulk.
Product Extra Fields
Additional custom fields from your existing cart will be mapped to a supported field.
Any Format
We work with common formats like Excel (.xls & .xlsx), CSV, TXT & XML.
Product Matching
We'll match your items via UPC codes to existing items in each marketplace.
Product Attributes
Product features, specifications, grid type information, bullet point data.
Embedded Videos
Embedded videos can be uploaded through spreadsheets depending on the platform.
Inventory Management
We'll format your inventory spreadsheets for you and submit them to your channels.

Handcrafted Product Uploads

Our service is a bit different than other automated systems. Our handcrafted product uploading solutions are designed to be handled with care, for well-established companies.

Marketplace Product Setup

We'll match or bulk upload new items to your marketplace channels.

Let's Get Your Project Started

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Provide us with your website URL for Migration Projects or product SKU count for Product Uploading Projects for a faster quote.
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