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A food service theme with a local flavor


2 styles included
This theme is designed and supported by We are Underground

Age checker popup

Verify the age of your store’s visitors before they enter with a popup.

Collage-style layout

Feature multiple products, posts, or promotions in a masonry-style layout.

Great for physical stores

Get customers through the door by sharing information on your store's location and events.

Product filtering

Allow customers to filter products by type, and sort by best sellers and price on the collection page.

Services list

Display in-store details such as services, price lists, menus, and more throughout your store.

Slide-out cart

Customers can easily add to their cart without leaving their current page.

All Shopify themes also include:

Customizable content sections on home page
Search engine optimization
Drop-down navigation support
Free theme updates
Mobile-friendly design
Social media icons
Built-in styles and color palettes
Free stock photos by Burst

Frequently Asked Questions

A Shopify theme is the layout, look and feel, and aesthetics of your website. This means the layout and design of your header, footer, buttons, the way your categories look, how your product detail pages look, and even some functionality like an Instagram Feed on your home page. The theme is a bunch of code wrapped up in a single file that works only with the Shopify platform. All Shopify themes can be edited with the Shopify theme editor that all stores come up. However, not all theme developers have added many ways to edit the layouts, colors, fonts, and extra section areas. While other developers have added a lot of functionality for you to edit and change many aspects of the theme on your own without a developer.

You may be wondering how the Shopify themes look on mobile. Just to clear up a straightforward question, "Is this theme mobile-friendly," and the answer is YES! If the theme is in the Shopify theme store, then it is "Responsive," which is the terminology used for Mobile-Friendly. You can also demo the mobile version by merely making your browser window smaller, and you will see the responsive design automatically resize as you make your browser screen more narrow. Or if you're in the Shopify Themes demo, then you can click the icons at the top to see Desktop vs. Mobile.

Many people think because they see a shoe company or electronics company in the demo of the theme, they have to pick a different theme. Keep in mind that you're looking at the layout, styling, not the content. For example, we commonly have apparel companies that think because the theme shows bicycles, they need to pick a different theme that shows apparel. It's just a layout, all the colors, content, banners, and many layouts can be changed to make the theme match your brand.

  • Do I need a Mega Menu, and does the theme have one built-in?
  • Is the developer of the theme well known, and do they have responsive support?
  • Do I need a video hero banner on my home page?
  • Does the theme have native Instagram functionality?
  • Does the theme have tabs on the product detail page for additional sizing, shipping, and description to be organized?
  • Does the theme have the ability to left and center align my logo?
  • How do my variations (product sizing, colors, etc.) look on the product detail page? Can I use swatch images?
  • Is the search bar as visible as I want it?
  • How does the blog design look on this theme?
  • Do I want my additional product images displayed vertically or horizontally on the product detail pages?
  • Does the theme have built-in filter functionality (left navigation landing pages), or will I need an app?
  • Does the theme have a quick check-out button, quick shop button, sold-out badges, new product badges, on the category landing pages, and the product section grid on the home page?

When you are looking at a theme, you will see a style selection. Usually, there are 3-4 styles on the demo page in Shopify Theme Store. What most people don't know is, you're not buying a style, meaning it is not 3-4 different themes. The styles are simply the different ways you can mix and match all the settings in the theme to make it look that way. The theme has many options, settings, layouts, fonts, colors, section options, etc. So the style is just a single example of what you could do. You get all styles when purchasing that specific theme.

All themes now have sections. This means on the home page you can rearrange the order or each section, add new sections, hide sections while your working on them, and more. So when you're looking at the demo, just keep in mind that you're not stuck with the order of each section, you can add, remove, and rearrange anytime you like. It's very easy!

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