Keep Your Rank When Re-Platforming

SEO Migration Service

Re-Platform and keep your existing Google page authority, rank, and traffic when moving. We get everything moved the right way.

Tell Google You're Moving Platforms

Our SEO migration service allows you to move from one platform to another and not lose your current search engine rank and traffic. When a company moved their website and they don't tell Google and other search engines they are moving (on the content and product page level) then Google submits the page as if it was brand new and the traffic to that page starts over. Eventually, you will get back to where you were but it can stall your traffic to those pages for more than 6 months. High volume stores feel this drop in traffic and usually, once the damage is done there is nothing that can be done but wait.

We perform a full migration of your products, content, blog, metadata, and map all pages 1:1 with 301 redirects. Blanket redirects to your home page for old URLs is the wrong way to move your platform. Even if you don't have much traffic at all that is the wrong move. We make sure the entire process is done correctly so you can move and start moving forward after your move.

SEO Migration Strategy

It is important to strategically implement existing URLs to each and every new URL on your destination platform. Once you tell Google what your website URLs are and then move them, it is similar to starting a new website and you will lose your existing rank on those pages. Our SEO Migration strategy will prevent you from losing your organic traffic when re-platforming.

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