Transactional Order Migration

Order Customer Migration

We'll capture your customer and order data and bulk upload to Shopify. Then notify your customers and allow them to activte their new account with their order history intact.

Migrate Orders & Customers To Shopify

We migrate orders and customers from your existing website to Shopify. Don't lose your transactional data and get all of your history moved to Shopify when migrating and replatforming to this modern platform. We capture all your order and customer data and then migrate the data into Shopify. We then invite your customers by email to activate their new account. Once they activate their account they will be able to see all their order history. You'll be able to see all the order history as well in the Shopify admin making it easy to lookup past orders, and send existing customers marketing material from your Shopify store.

Check out our Bulk invite your customers to activate their account after migrating to Shopify to learn more about the process that we use to provide access to your existing customers.

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