Ongoing Support & Training

Shopify Personal Training

New to Shopify? Get one-on-one training with a Certified Shopify Expert and go over Shopify's functionality, apps, and create time-saving processes.

Shopify Personal Training Service

After your new Shopify store is all setup and launched, that is when most people realize their process may need to change. We help our clients launch smoothly with a one on one training session. We have years of experience with process building and time saving processes. This is a great way to explain how you run your existing business and the best way to handle that in your new store.

Shopify Personal Training

Learn how to manage your new Shopify store and have quality support at your fingertips.

Managing Products

Learn how to add a product and manage existing products in your catalog.

Managing Customers

Learn how to add new customers to Shopify and manage, tag, and add notes.


Learn how to add, manage, and map collections in Shopify to products and nav.

Analytics Dashboard

Learn about the various analytics data points and how to run reports to see your traffic.


Learn how to setup shipping zones, profiles, and add/remove products or locations.


Learn how to setup, manage, and modify system notifications, and add new staff.

Staff Access

Learn how to invite, provide access, and manage a staff account for Online or POS.

Managing Theme

Learn how to customize your theme and go through the various areas and editor.

Processing Orders

Learn how to process web and phone orders, add tracking, add notes, and modify orders.

Managing Apps

Learn how to install and manage your apps from the Shopify app store.


Learn how to create and manage multiple navigations, link, and map to your theme.

Sales Channels

Learn how to add and remove products form a channel, connect, and manage new channels.


Learn how to manage your payments and add new payment options for your customers.


Learn how to add new warehouse or brick and mortar locations to manage inventory.

Blog Posts

Learn how to manage your blog, create a new blog post, and link new posts to your site.

Hero Banners

Learn how to modify, add, and mange your hero banners on your home page.

Abandoned Checkout

Learn how to review abandoned checkouts and reach out to customers to complete the sale.

Announcement Bar

Learn how to manage the message at the top of your website to make announcements.

Coupon Codes

Learn how to create and manage coupon codes including automated discounts.

Sales Tax

Learn how to setup flat tax or automated tax for States you're required to collect for.

Image, PDF, and Files

Learn how to host various file assets and link them to your content pages.


Learn how to map various languages to your website for a multi-language experience.

Content Pages

Learn how to create a new content page and link your pages to your navigation.

Bulk Updates

Learn the various ways you can bulk upload products, inventory, and make changes.

Ongoing Support

We're available for ongoing support and help with processes needed to onboard your staff and business to Shopify. Need an app setup, or a product updated? Let us know and we'll gladly help you with small everyday tasks and questions you may need help with. 

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