Bulk Product Uploading Service

Amazon Vendor Central To Walmart

We'll crawl and capture your rich product data from Amazon Vendor Central and then format, validate, and upload to Walmart Marketplace.

Amazon to Walmart Crawl & Upload Service

We'll take your Amazon Vendor Central catalog and crawl & capture ALL rich data for the products you offer. Then we'll move your products to Walmart Marketplace and get everything uploaded into your Walmart account.

How Does Our Walmart Marketplace Service Work?

  1. We run a product report from your Amazon Vendor Central account and create an inclusion list of what ASINs you want us to move.
  2. We crawl & capture all the rich product descriptions, images, variation data, UPC codes, and more.
  3. We format the product data into the proper Walmart Category Listing Feeds.
  4. We upload the category listing feed and then receive any errors back that Walmart wants fixed.
  5. We fix all errors and once we pass validation we add inventory levels so the products go live on Walmart.com.

This is the best process if you're looking to get your products listed on Walmart and don't want expensive ongoing software subscriptions or a catalog manager to deal with. Many of our clients just want to get their products listed so they can start selling now.

For more details check out our Walmart Marketplace Setup Service page.

Walmart Marketplace Setup
See our full Walmart service page!
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