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SEO Migration Service

We migrate existing websites that have great SEO rank and don't want to lose it. Get moved correctly with our 1:1 page match, meta data match, and 301 redirects.

Comprehensive SEO Migration

We offer a comprehensive SEO Migration service performing critical tasks required to retain your existing Traffic, Rank, and Authority on search engines. Our migration includes crawling all pages on your site and capturing the necessary data to properly migrate your canonical URLs to a 301-redirect pointing to the Shopify handle on all pages including collection, product, blog, content, and other assets including images. We match image alt-tag metadata, content metadata, and we perform 404 code monitoring along with 1:1 content matching on all pages.

Bulk 301 Redirects

Bulk uploading 301 redirects notifies search engine crawlers where the new page is located so it is not submitted for index again resulting in the search engine looking at the page as new and duplicate content.

Metadata Matching

If you have handcrafted metadata on your outdated platform then you may want to move that data to the new platform you want to use. This will ensure the ranking factors are not changed after your migration.

404 Monitoring

When you move your website many companies will get lazy and not move all pages 1:1. This results in an increase of 404 page not found errors which hurts your overall search engine rank. We prevent these rank killers.

Our SEO retention service allows you to ensure your website migration is 100% complete. We make sure everything is taken care of so you don't have to deal with it. We have saved companies from losing 80-90% of their organic search engine traffic by using these best practices supported by Google Search Console.

301-Redirects Are Not Enough

Our migrations are well-thought-out and we have the most complete SEO migration available when re-platforming to Shopify.  We see other agencies lightly talking about SEO Migration and that is a sign of the lack of knowledge and of importance placed on the heart of an online business. One of the common mistakes we see is that 301-Redirects are put in place and that is the end. While this is one of the most important factors, it is only one of the many steps we take to ensure all traffic hops properly from the original source Canonical URL to the new Shopify URL. Here are some of the other tasks we perform that are vital to properly migrating existing traffic, rank, and authority to your new Shopify store.

  1. All collection, product, blog, and content pages are migrated 1:1 page for page with zero content changes. 
  2. 301-Redirect from the original Canonical URL to the new Shopify Handle URL for every single page on your site.
  3. Crawl and Capture SEO data for all pages on your site to review any internal and external broken links and any broken assets like images. 
  4. Crawls happen before, during, and after the launch of your new Shopify store as an extensive Quality Control process to ensure all hops land on the proper active page. 
  5. 404-Monitoring post-launch to ensure pages are flowing and hopping properly to active pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SEO Retention?
SEO retention is a strategy to keep your existing search engine rank when replatforming. Since a new platform will have a different URL structure, you must tell search engines where to find the new URL to keep your existing page rank. If you don’t then you will lose the equity you have built on those pages and will start over or even be penalized for killing the pages without requesting a no-index through your webmaster tools.
Will I be able to keep my search engine rank if moving to Shopify?
Yes! Shopify natively allows you to add URL redirects for all pages on their platform. With our service, we use a third-party app that gives us the ability to upload those redirects in bulk using a spreadsheet.
Will my embedded social media links break?
No! When you have 301 redirects in place, the person or bot going to one of your old URLs will be redirected instantly to the new page.
Do you crawl pages after going live for quality control?
Yes! We use a 404 monitor service to check for any broken URL paths and we fix any problems with migrated pages (if any) to be sure all old paths are redirecting properly to new paths.
If I don't have existing rank do I still need this?

If your moving platforms but you don’t have a lot of existing traffic then you will still need to add 301 redirects to all of your pages. When search engines include you in their index and you kill the pages resulting in 404 errors, they lose trust for your domain name and push you even further down.

How long does it take for my new URLs to index?
We typically see the new URL paths showing on Google within a week or two depending on if the site has been resubmitted to search engines through webmaster tools. As part of our service we do the resubmissions for you.
Will this prevent my new site from having 404 errors?
Yes! 301 redirects will take users and search engine spiders to the new product or content page. 404 errors happen if someone goes to a link that does not lead to a live webpage. URL redirects prevent this from happening and keep traffic flowing to the right locations when people or bots are trying to access old URL paths.
Do you redirect all pages including content & blog pages?
Yes! Our SEO Retention service is a 1:1 migration of all pages and content to your new platform. We then implement our strategy of old URL paths to new URL paths for ALL pages.

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