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Take your business to the next level with a well-thought-out strategy. Retail is the Wild West, we'll help pave your best path.

Retail Consulting Services

Take your business to the next level with a well-thought-out strategy. Making important decisions takes asking the right questions and having every option in front of you. We help our clients discover all possibilities, create a plan of action, and then we take care of the entire project in-house to help them get past the finish line.

Consulting Services

Shopify Migrations

Cover all your bases when migrating to the Shopify platform.

This is one of our flagship services. We help companies migrate their existing website to the Shopify platform. But moving to Shopify sometimes takes planning and considerations. We get down to the roots of your business to create a master plan and take everything into consideration. We consult you on what our recommendations are, educate you on how everything will work, best practices, and then we create an actionable scope of work to complete the entire project for you.
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SEO Migration

Take the most strategic path to migrating your SEO to Shopify.

We specialize in SEO Migration and have spent years perfecting the Google centric process. Our Shopify migration service is entirely based around retaining your existing SEO Rank. Some sites have more complex SEO Practices and they require consulting to create a master plan of action. We'll crawl your site and go over every aspect including recommendations on best practices and a full scope of work to replatform your site the right way and get you moved without losing your Traffic and Rank with Google.
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Product Catalog Management

Get organized, focused, and stay on track with any size product catalog across all channels.

We've managed massive multi-million SKU catalogs and are the #1 listing only service for Walmart Marketplace. We have a 100% validation rate with our product uploads because of our extensive catalog management experience. If you're looking for help determining which platforms are the best use of your time and investment, how to automate and connect your channels, and how to onboard your product catalog between marketplaces, from suppliers, or even your website, then we can create a full scope of work and plan of action to get your project past the finish line.
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Warehouse + Channel Manager

Find the right platform to manage Purchasing, Sales Channels, Warehouse, Inventory, and more.

Warehouse and channel manages can be a complex decision to make. We help our clients first understand what systems and features they need. Then go over the possibilities and price ranges between the many systems we've worked with. Then we take the time to vet out the right system by attending meetings with various ERP, Channel Manager, Warehouse Manager systems. Our team will help you make the right decision and even help you implement your website and channels to the new system, setup your warehouses, vendors, inventory, and accounting systems so you have a full and smooth handoff.
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Software Discovery

Looking for a new system to solve your business processes is a big decision to make!

We'll help you find the perfect software for your company and make sure that all scenerios are considered. Finding the right software will transform your business. We'll go through the process with you to find and implement a new system for your business.
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Data Crawling

Capture data in bulk to speed up the onboarding process of new products.

Crawl and capture the rich data from any website to speed up the process of bulk uploading new products to your website and marketplace channels.
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Marketplace Management

Selling on Walmart or Amazon? We help get your marketplace channel launched with new products.

Get products from your website, supplier, or other marketplace channels uploaded to any channel. We work with Walmart Marketplace and Amazon Marketplace everyday and can speed up the process to getting your new products online.
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