Customize Your Shopify Store

Small coding tasks for your Shopify or Shopify Plus store. One time customizations including documentation to upgrade your theme layout and design. 

Add Custom Font

The font library that comes with your Shopify theme is typically limited to the Google Fonts API. However, if you are looking to add a custom font to your theme and create a unique style on your website then we can help you accomplish that. You can find and license a font that you like on sites like FontSquirrel for free or find the perfect paid font on top sites like Either way, we can take your WOFF formatted web font and install the file into your theme so you can select your custom style around your website for a unique look and branding.

Display Breadcrumb Navigation (Collections and Products)

Display a list of links that show your customers what page they are on. The more traditional breadcrumb navigation is a good way to keep people focused and informed as to what path they have taken to get to a specific page. Plus this allows your customers to easily backtrack to the collections they came from while clicking through your website. Breadcrumbs can be displayed on the collection and product pages. 

Add Search Bar To Header

Many themes for Shopify have a clean header with a search icon that requires customers to find and click on it to display the search bar. If you're looking to display the search bar like a more traditional website then we'll add a search bar to your header. We'll add the search bar and match it to your theme styling to keep a clean but more traditional approach to site search. This will still use the existing Shopify search engine that all Shopify stores use by default and will make the search bar more prominent in your header.

Hide Prices Unless Logged-In

Hide pricing on the product detail page unless a user is logged in. We'll code the ability to tag a customer and if that customer is tagged, then when logged-in they will see pricing for the products you choose. Tag products you want to hide pricing, and then tag customers that you want to see pricing on those products.

Hide 'Add to Cart' button and Add 'Contact for Price'

Hide your "Add To Cart" button and replace it with a "Contact For Price" or "Request A Quote" button. You can tag products that you want to hide the cart button and once tagged the new Request button will appear. When a customer clicks the Request button, you can send them to your contact page, or a custom form can pop-up. Optionally we can add the product title or a product attribute on the page automatically to one of the contact form fields so you know exactly which product your customer is looking at.

Show Additional Fields on Product Page

If you have custom attributes that you want to be displayed on your Collection, Product, Customer, Order, Content Pages, Blog or Blog Posts, then we can map your custom data for you. Shopify has a hidden custom database that requires an app to access it. Many apps are free, like this popular Metafields Guru. Pelican Commerce can bulk map data attributes and then code the field to your theme. Each of the custom fields you want to be created has to be placed and styled in your theme to dynamically display the data on your website.

Add A Buy Now Button To Your Products

Show a buy now button in your header to speed up the process and your conversions. Buy now will skip the cart page and jump the customer straight into the checkout. If your customers tend to purchase a single item or if you sell just a few products, then this feature can increase your conversions by reducing the steps in the checkout process.

Create Mega Menu

If you are looking for a custom mega menu with a specific design then we'll create one for you. There are many apps that allow you to create mega menus, and in some cases, the theme you select may have the ability to have a mega menu. However, in some cases, you may not like the design or limitations of what your theme comes with, or the limitations on design or ongoing subscription that an app offers. Creating a custom mega menu will allow you to have a custom design and layout to match your brand and your new Shopify store.

Notify Me When Available

Send notifications to customers when out-of-stock items come back into stock. Give your customers a way to be notified and keep them alerted to increase your conversions.

Mouse Hover Images Slider

Make your product detail pages more dynamic by adding sliding product pages when a customer's mouse hovers over the images. Automatically slide to the additional images when someone hovers their mouse over the main product image.

Add Product Image Zoom Feature

Make it crystal clear when someone hovers over the main product image and show the image zoomed. This feature is great if you have a product where customers want to see better detail. Zooming is a way to take part of the resistance away from the sales process when customers are browsing your site.

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