Walmart Marketplace Setup Service

We create bots, crawl, and capture your Amazon product data (or any selling channel) and format, upload, and validate into your Walmart Seller Center account using our proprietary software.

One Time Listing Only Service (No Subscriptions)
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Affordable Solutions Starting At $299

Walmart Product Uploading Service

Selling online at will open up your products to consumers all around the world. As one of the largest retail chains in the world, Walmart’s requirements to sellers are not the easiest. Pelican Commerce is here to help you get your products listed inside the Walmart Seller Center admin portal.

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Get your Amazon product catalog crawled, captured, and uploaded in full to Walmart Marketplace.

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Get your products exported, and then bulk uploaded to your Walmart Marketplace.

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Get your products crawled on eBay and then bulk uploaded to you Walmart Marketplace account.

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Any Platform

Get your full rich product data bulk uploaded from any platform to your Walmart Marketplace account.

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There is no software to buy, we handle the entire data crawl/capture and uploading process for you.

Many small businesses just need their products moved from Amazon to Walmart or from their shopping cart (inventory management system) to Walmart, one time. Our service is designed to get you kick started with no ongoing fees, contracts, or subscriptions.

Amazon Listings To Walmart Marketplace

We create bots, crawl & capture ALL your product data from Amazon, format and validate into Walmart's category feed, then upload to your Walmart Seller Center account ready to go live and sell.

Walmart Bulk Product Uploading

We take care of the entire process to capture your data and get it fully uploaded to Walmart Marketplace

Manual Data Feed

We’ll create a custom data feed from your product data so you can submit products to Walmart Marketplace.

Shopping Cart to Walmart

We’ll take your products from Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, and other shopping carts and upload your products to Walmart.

Amazon to Walmart

We’ll take your products from Amazon Marketplace and add them to Walmart Marketplace to get you kickstarted.

Category Mapping

We’ll create a taxonomy mapping spreadsheet to get your products listed in the proper categories.

Tax Mapping

We’ll get your tax settings mapped to your products.

Supplier Data

We’ll upload data from your suppliers spreadsheets to your Seller Center account.

Existing Items

We’ll help you create new listings that don’t match to existing items in the catalog.

Image Mapping

We’ll map your images from your website or suppliers spreadsheet with the image URL.

Variation Images

We’ll attach each image variation of your product to your listing.

Product Matching

We’ll do a UPC product match to find existing listing that match your product.

Inventory Feeds

We’ll create a bulk inventory import spreadsheet to match your supplier or shopping cart inventory.

Original Files

We provide all original worksheets to you so you can make edits to our listing work.

Bulk Product Listing

We’ll bulk upload all your product data to your Seller Center account.

Crawling Agent

We’ll create a crawling agent to grab data from a front end website.

Shipping Override

We’ll help you assign shipping rates on a product by product level.

Variation Support

We’ll add product variations like Size and Color to your Walmart data feed and submit them to Walmart.

MCF - Fulfillment by Amazon

Walmart does not allow MCF however there are other fulfillment companies that Walmart does allow and we can get you setup with them.

Temporary Image Server

We’ll temporarily host your images while Walmart Downloads them into your account. This is necessary if you have your images in a local folder.

Automation (Optional)

We’ll setup an automated link from your website to Walmart to control inventory levels.

UPC Codes (GS1)

We’ll help you get GS1 Certified UPC codes for your products.


We’ll help you validate a spreadsheet you’re having trouble with in Seller Center.

Third Party Software

We’ll help you connect a third party system to your Walmart store so your SKUs match.

Remigration Services Available For Extended Projects.

Migration tasks are subject to each website or shopping cart platforms availability to perform the scope of work.

Handcrafted Migrations

Our service is a bit different than other automated systems. Our handcrafted migration solutions are designed to be handled with care, for well established companies, and to retain existing search engine rank (SEO).

Happy Client Review

I hired Pelican Commerce to migrate my Amazon catalog to my Walmart seller center account. Doing the project manually myself would have taken weeks but Pelican was able to utilize their pre-built feeds and expertise to migrate all my listings in a matter of 48hrs. They even kept my Amazon Parent/Children relationships in tact and ported those over to Walmart. Saved me a heck of a lot of time and for the amount they charged it was really a no brainer. They also provided me the feed files they created so I can make changes later. I found a lot of other companies work on long-term contracts and upfront agreements but Pelican charged me a flat fee for a specifically outlined service, which was just want I needed. Why spend time manually compiling other e-comm channel flat files when Pelican can do it for you. Just makes sense. Pelican is providing a service almost any omni-channel seller not utilizing a multi-channel, cloud-based, inventory management software can benefit from. Daniel and John did an excellent job and I would definitely recommend their service.


Walmart Product Uploading Portfolio

Here are some of our clients products that we have bulk uploaded for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to complete the project?
It generally takes 1-2 business days to crawl the data from Amazon, and upload to Walmart's Seller Center.
Do you collect ALL data from Amazon?
Yes! You send us an open listing report that contains all the ASINs to the products you sell. We then capture ALL the product data including titles, descriptions, images, multiple images, variation data, weights, UPC codes, and more.
Do variation products get moved to Walmart?
Yes! All product variations are combined together in the proper format so they display drop downs on Walmart Marketplace. Some categories display swatches (like apparel) and that functionality will be supported in our project.
Can image swatches be used if my products have variations?
Yes! Only some categories on Walmart allow for swatches to be used for product variations. If the category allows for swatches then we will setup the product variations properly.
What if I don't have UPC codes for my products?

Walmart requires UPC codes or a valid GTIN code (like an ISBN for books) to list products in the marketplace. They do have a UPC code exemption that you can apply for if your a brand owner.

UPC Code Options:

1. Brand Owner provides UPC codes.

2. Hold a membership to generate UPC codes.

3. Buy third party UPC codes that are GS1 certified.

4. Apply for a UPC code exemption.

Can you move Brand Registry items to Walmart?
Yes! However you will need to either apply for a UPC code exemption through Walmart Seller Support, buy third party UPC codes, or apply for a membership.
Do all product images get moved to Walmart?
Yes! We move all product images including additional product images, and product variation images.
What if my products already exist on Walmart?
If your products already exist and have a matching UPC code then Walmart's system will auto-assign the data from our feed to the existing listings. If another seller has listed the product wrong and your products are assigned to a listing that is not correct then you can either create another listing by using a different UPC code or you can write Walmarts seller support to get the listing fixed.
How are inventory levels added to my products?
When uploading your products to Walmart we put "0" quantity for your inventory level. Once the project is complete, we'll take a fresh inventory feed from Amazon or your inventory report and match up the inventory levels when your ready to go live.
We Export Your Product Data
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We Upload In Bulk To Walmart Marketplace
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We Format The Data Feeds

Walmart Uses Google Shopping ADs

The sooner you get your products up the sooner Walmart pushes your catalog to Google Shopping

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