Bulk Updates in Walmart Seller Center

With the Bulk Specification Sheets, you can manage your inventory and explore new functions that will allow you to manage your articles correctly, avoiding errors in your sales. This blog will help you get an overview of what the bulk updates panel looks like and how you can use it to manage your articles.

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In the Bulk Updates Dashboard, you will find 3 different sections that will allow you to download spec sheets for your item actions, upload the completed specifications, and check your feed status.

A specification sheet must be downloaded for each action you decide to do. Depending on the selected specification, the information required for the action will change.

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The Bulk inventory update will change the number of units that can be sold for an item. In this way, all the information must be uploaded to the Seller Center to be published successfully. As sellers, it is important to pay attention to the amount of stock available for each inventory to avoid future cancellations, among others.

Another important function is the Bulk Pricing and Promotion Update since each item has its own price and must be managed and updated by the sellers. If you want to run certain promotions to incentivize sales at a reduced price, it is also possible. If you want to update the price without accessing a promotion, you must complete only the SKU and the updated price, leaving blank all other fields related to a promotion. Once the file is completed, you must upload it to the vendor center, pressing "price updates”.

The Bulk Lag time update implies the time the seller will take to prepare the sold product to make the corresponding shipment.

On the other hand, the Bulk Return rules updates will allow you to customize the conditions and rules for the returns of items, generating a cancellation.

Return rules at the item level will have higher priority and relative importance than return rules at the category level.

If you as a seller belong to the two-day Delivery Program, you can belong to the Two-day Shipping Override SKU. It is important to mention that shipping overrides can be set if: It does not adapt to the new updates, has elements within its extended network, uses the new tools but cancels the specified coverage areas.

Upload Full Spec

When the required information is completed, the specification sheet must be dragged and loaded by clicking on the load box.

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Once completed, you will need to select the type of specification loaded.

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If you are updating your inventory, you must select the selected "shipping node" that would receive that inventory. You will need to answer the corresponding questions and select “Submit” to begin to upload.

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If you want to have an accurate follow-up of the feed and be able to see the status of all your Bulk Updates, you must go to the “Feed Status” and you will find all the changes made recently. It is important to note that all the loaded specification templates have assigned a feed ID, this will make it easier in the future to find it and carry out the corresponding follow-up to avoid errors.

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