How to Export Product Keywords From Amazon

Over many years we have seen small business owners growing their Amazon Marketplace stores. In that process, they upload a single product one day, they upload some products in bulk another, they make some changes once in a while. But before you know it, they don't have a single spreadsheet with all their product data organized. This is mainly a problem when they want to expand their business to another marketplace like Walmart Marketplace. All that hard work to create the database they created is just somewhat available to them.

Keywords are one of the more difficult things to capture from Amazon through a crawl or MWS API connection. So we went on a mission to figure out how to capture keywords that are very useful for our clients when we Bulk Uploading Products To Walmart Marketplace.

How can I export keywords from Amazon's Seller Central?

Many years ago, it was not possible to capture this type of data. Amazon has been stringent on what data can flow out of their systems. However, they have by special request what is called a Category Listing Feed. Once requested, you can download all your product data on a top-level category by category basis for up to 7 days per request. This feed has the product keywords you assigned to your products when uploading or manually one at a time from within seller central.

Note: If you never uploaded keywords to the products you sell, then this feed will not have any keywords. Pelican Commerce can capture product data from the live Amazon website (even if you weren't the one that uploaded that product data), but keywords are account specific. So this is only for companies that spent the time uploading these keywords into their account, and they don't want to double their time when moving data to Walmart or other marketplaces that allow keywords to be entered in bulk. 

"Beauty" Category Listing Report Headings (Sample)

sku, title, standard-product-id, product-id-type, product_type, brand, manufacturer, mfr-part-number, description, bullet-point1, bullet-point2, bullet-point3, bullet-point4, bullet-point5, merchant-catalog-number, msrp, ingredients1, ingredients2, ingredients3, indications, directions, flavor, size, color, scent, item-price, currency, quantity, launch-date, release-date, restock-date, leadtime-to-ship, max-aggregate-ship-quantity, sale-price, sale-from-date, sale-through-date, search-terms1, search-terms2, search-terms3, search-terms4, search-terms5, item-type, used-for1, used-for2, used-for3, used-for4, used-for5, subject-content1, subject-content2, subject-content3, subject-content4, subject-content5, target-audience1, target-audience2, target-audience3, other-item-attributes1, other-item-attributes2, other-item-attributes3, other-item-attributes4, other-item-attributes5, main-image-url, swatch-image-url, other-image-url1, other-image-url2, other-image-url3, other-image-url4, other-image-url5, other-image-url6, other-image-url7, other-image-url8, fulfillment-center-id, parent-sku, parentage, relationship-type, variation-theme, coverage, finish-type1, finish-type2, item-form, material-type1, material-type2, material-type3, count number-of-items, item-specialty1, item-specialty2, item-specialty3, item-specialty4, item-specialty5, target-gender, power-source, is-ac-adapter-included, item-weight-unit-of-measure, item-weight, item-length-unit-of-measure, item-length, item-width, item-height, item-diameter, item-diameter-unit-of-measure, shipping-weight-unit-of-measure, shipping-weight, display-length, display-length-unit-of-measure, display-weight, display-weight-unit-of-measure, display-volume, display-volume-unit-of-measure, are-batteries-included, are-batteries-required, battery-type1, battery-type2, battery-type3, number-of-batteries1, number-of-batteries2, number-of-batteries3, lithium-battery-energy-content, lithium-battery-packaging, lithium-battery-voltage, lithium-battery-weight, number-of-lithium-ion-cells, number-of-lithium-metal-cells, warnings, legal-disclaimer, prop-65, cpsia-warning1, cpsia-warning2, cpsia-warning3, cpsia-warning4, cpsia-warning-description, is-adult-product, product-tax-code, max-order-quantity, is-gift-message-available, is-giftwrap-available, is-discontinued-by-manufacturer, registered-parameter, platinum-keywords1, platinum-keywords2, platinum-keywords3, platinum-keywords4, platinum-keywords5.

How to activate Amazon category listing feed

  1. Call Amazon Seller Support
  2. Ask for the "Feed Department" and explain that you're looking to activate the "Category Listing Feed" on your seller account.
  3. Once you talk to the feed department and they activate the category listing feed, you will have seven days to run reports.
  4. Login to your Seller Central account and go to Inventory Tab > Inventory Report > Run Category Listing (select the category you want to run). If you have more than one category then run multiple reports.
  5. Once you download the report (after it has processed), you will see the keywords column in the report.
Amazon Category Listing Report Download

How can we help?

Pelican Commerce can export this data for you, format your product data into the Walmart format, or any other marketplace or even shopping carts like Shopify. We bulk upload your product data and get you selling on any platform. Contact us today if you need help bulk uploading your products to Walmart Marketplace. 

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We get you totally setup, on track, and in a position to manage your own business.
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