Amazon Automated Feedback Setup

Feedback Genius

We setup Feedback Genius - An automated app that asks for positive feedback once the package shows as "Delivered" increasing Feedback and Seller Rank

Feedback Genius Setup Service

Getting feedback on Amazon can be difficult. Most customers just don't care to spend the creative time to write a positive feedback for the seller of a product they purchased. But just like any other type of digital marketing, a small nudge goes a long way. Our experience with a small nudge is that you can get 1%-5% organically but as much as 25%-30% feedback if you automate drip emails to run automatically. We setup Feedback Genius, an automated service to increase the amount of feedback you receive from Amazon customers. One specific option we use is we send out an email 1 day after the item was delivered. Feedback Genius looks at the tracking number and only sends the request once the item was received. Every feedback you receive boosts your points/rank on Amazon, so get started today!

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