How does Walmart Lag-Time Actually Work?

If you're just getting your new Walmart Marketplace account setup, then you're going to want to set your Lag-Time in bulk. Walmart expects fast lead times, and that usually reflects in the first order when you see that they want you to ship the item out of the door the same day. Competing with Amazon means taking extreme measures, but this one is tough. I'm going to show you the very few options you have to buy yourself as much time as possible to provide tracking numbers back to Walmart for your shipped order.

Lag-Time Options

Walmart Marketplace allows for bulk lag-time changes on a per-product basis. However, you have the option of "0" (Same Day) or "1" (Next Day). You can change everything to "1," which is the maximum time allowed by default for all Walmart Marketplace accounts.

The second option is to reach out to Walmart and send them a "Request Lag Time Exceptions." You can find documentation on what to expect here.

Just Add "2" or "3" To Your Listing?

No! If you add any value other than "0" or "1" to your listing, then the system automatically defaults the listing to "0" (Same Day). This means you need to provide a tracking number to Walmart for that order the same day if the order came in before the 2 PM cutoff.

If you have additional questions about this, then reach out to us anytime. We can bulk upload the Lag-Time for you to your Walmart Seller Center account.

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