How to accept Shopify "Staff Access" and create your account

If you're accepting staff access to your new Shopify store, then read below for more clarity on how Shopify's (Single Login) works and how to accept the invitation to your new store.

You've Received An Invitation

If you've received an invitation email like the one below, then click on the "Create staff account" button in your email.

Shopify create staff account

You'll now be directed to a screen on Shopify, where you can create a new account. Fill in the email, first and last name, password fields, and then click the "Create Account" button to finalize your new access.

Shopify create an account

Shopify Says My Email Is Already In-Use OR They're Asking Me To Login

It's common that if you have ever gone through a Shopify 14-day trial or if you've ever been invited to another Shopify store, that you already have an account. Shopify combines all stores into a single login to make it easy to manage multiple accounts. Try logging in with your existing login information or click the "forgot password?" link and fill out the form to reset your password used for the specific email address shown. Then try logging in using your new password.

Shopify login to your account

If you already had an account or were previously invited to another Shopify account, then once logged in, you'll see in the upper left-hand corner a drop-down menu showing each store that you have access to. You can flip between these stores by clicking on the store name.

Shopify multi account selection

If you need any further help setting up your new staff login, then reach out to your Pelican Commerce project manager anytime.

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