How To Access Your Old Website Admin (After Launching Shopify Store)

Launching a new Shopify store is exciting and, in some cases, long-anticipated for many small businesses. But after you launch your new store, you'll find that you may lose access to your old admin. The reason you may lose access is that your domain name is pointing to Shopify instead of your old website server. So you lose the ability to go to that old admin URL.

Reach Out To Your Old Hosting Company

Gaining access to your old website admin means changing the primary domain name on your website. Although you're migrating to a new platform, your old platform is still running on the old server until it is shut down. Even though your domain name is pointing to Shopify, the server is still running. This is why it is essential to reach out to the hosting company and request a temporary admin domain name so that you can continue to access your old site.

What should I say to the old hosting company?

Open a ticket with your old hosting company that says something like this...

Dear Old Hosting Company,

I recently pointed my primary domain name to another website. I still need access to my existing server admin to access my site, orders, customers, etc. Can you change my primary domain name for my website on your server to a temporary domain name or to one that I provide you?

Thank you!

If the hosting company says that you need to provide them with one of your existing domain names, then you can purchase any domain name and use that to access your site. Domain names are usually less than $12 for the year. They may also provide you with a URL from their domain to access the admin.

If you need help connecting or talking to your existing host about what needs to be accomplished, then reach out to your Pelican Commerce project manager.

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