How to enable Shopify local store pickup?

One of the great features of Shopify is the Store Pickup feature for businesses that have Brick and Mortar locations. Activate this feature to have this option displayed at checkout for your local customers to pick up from your store.

Set up Shopify Local Pickup

The first thing to consider is the locations you have set up inside Shopify. If you do not have your store locations setup, then head over to your Shopify Settings > Locations. Inside this area, you can add each of your store locations, so they are available for your customers as an option at checkout. It is essential that each location has inventory for the items you want available for pickup, or they will not show as available for the pickup option at checkout.

Now head over your Shopify Settings > Shipping and delivery. Inside this area, you will see an area called "Local Pickup." Enable local pickup and select the options that fit your pickup process.

shopify local pick option
shopify local pick option example 2
shopify local pick option example 3

Once you enable local pickup or curbside pickup, your customers will see in-stock items available at the locations activated.

Keep in mind a few things:

  • The item must have inventory in your Shopify account for the specific store location the customer is selecting to be for sale.
  • If the customer orders multiple items and some are not in stock at your store, then they will not have the option to ship some and pick up the other items (They should create separate orders for cases like this).

If you need help setting up your locations, adding inventory to those locations, and enabling your local store pickup or curbside pickup, then reach out to us anytime.

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