How to Migrate your existing email to GSuite?

If you're getting set up on Google's GSuite and want to migrate your existing email to your new email boxes, then you can use the built-in GSuite Migration Tool. You can migrate a consumer Gmail account, Microsoft Exchange account, GoDaddy email account, or you can connect using IMAP to pull the emails to your new GSuite email boxes.

Getting Started

Step 1: Log in to your GSuite admin panel and click on the "Data migration" option located inside the dashboard area.

Google GSuite Admin Example 2

Step 2: Select the email platform you're moving from. If you are moving from another GSuite, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, or GoDaddy platform then you can easily select one of the options from the list. Each of those options has specific login questions to those accounts.

If you are currently using any other platform then you need to find the IMAP settings. Most email programs allow for IMAP transfers but many need to be turned on and have specific login URLs (e.g. In this case, select "Other IMAP Server".

GSuite Migration Options

Step 3: Fill in the requested information. You'll be asked for the login to each email box that you want to migrate to one of your GSuite email boxes.

GSuite Migration Crenditials

Step 4: Click "Start" to begin migrating your email box. You'll need to repeat Step 1 - Step 4 for each email box you want to migrate.

Once you start the migration, you'll be able to see the progress of the movement of your existing emails being migrated to GSuite.

GSuite Migration Progress

It is important to know that if you point your domain name to GSuite, then you may be disconnecting the IMAP connection to your server. Check with your server company or email hosting company before you change your MX records to GSuite.

We help small E-Commerce businesses migrate their emails to GSuite, and we set up their users and switch over their DNS records to be sure everything is in place (including SPF and DKIM records). If you're looking for a company to handle the migration for you, then reach out to us for a quote.

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