How To Setup Shipping In Shopify

Getting your Shipping setup on Shopify is an easy task but there are some things to know. The Shipping Profiles first start with you selecting which products qualify for various shipping destinations like the United States, or Canada, and then the rates that are set for each of those destinations. A product SKU on the variation level can only be applied to 1 shipping profile.


It is important to understand that you are adding products to a shipping profile, then adding the destinations (Zone) by selecting each country and or states you ship those products to. Then adding rates to those various zones in which you can mix Calculated Live Rates, Flat, and Dynamic Condition-based rates to be applied to those zones.


Here are the steps that you will see when creating a shipping profile:

Step 1: What address are you shipping from?
In Shopify, you can add all your warehouse locations. Please send us the address(s) that you want to be added.

Step 2: Which States and Countries do you ship to?
In Shopify, you can select each and every country and State. Many businesses ship to (48 Continental USA, or 50 USA, or all 62).

Step 3: How do you want your shipping rates set up?

Options Available:

  1. Calculated Live Rates (UPS, USPS, DHL, or using your own account for FedEx)
  2. Weight Range (items combined weight is between 1LB-5LB = $5 Shipping Fee)
  3. Price Range (items combined total price is between $30-$100 = $10 Shipping Fee)
  4. Flat Rate (e.g. free shipping, $10 flat, etc)

You can add as many of these conditions that you need and mix and match them.

Some of our clients will have Free Shipping on orders over $49 but then for expedited shipping like 2-day air, they will have Shopify calculate live shipping rates. Shopify uses weight and zip code to get those live rates that will display to the customer at checkout. Keep in mind these rates are separate from what you pay when you are creating a label.

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