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Adobe Commerce (Magento) To Shopify

Migrate Your Adobe Commerce (Magento) Store To Shopify

Cart2Cart Only Getting You "Mostly" Migrated with Adobe Commerce (Magento)?

Pelican Commerce is a Full-Service alternative to Cart2Cart Automated Migration Service. We offer a full scope of work for small businesses migrating their existing website to Shopify. Our focus is on retaining your existing SEO Rank/Authority, and getting your website fully set up and launched.

Automated migration services lack some very important features to be considered “Complete” solutions for the established online seller. Here is a list of some of the things Cart2Cart cannot transfer in their Automated Migration.

What Migration Plugins CANNOT do:

  1. Cannot Setup your Theme - Banners, Fonts, Colors, Layouts
  2. Cannot migrate embedded image assets to the Shopify CDN including PDFs, or Videos hosted on your own server.
  3. Products that exceed Shopify's 3 Various Drop-Downs, and or a total maximum of 100 SKUs per product page.
  4. Custom Shipping Profiles
  5. Tracking Code for Google Ads, Facebook, Event tracking code, etc.
  6. App Setup
  7. Tax, Payments, Notification Templates
  8. POS and other Channel Setup like Facebook Commerce, Instagram, and Amazon.
  9. Custom Fulfillment Setup
  10. Tabs on the product detail page with both default tabs (across the entire site) and product-specific tabs with custom attributes.
  11. Product Attributes from a grid generated on your old website by the database.
  12. Custom products that require text boxes, tick boxes, checkboxes, swatches, etc. (Requires app setup in Shopify).

Looking for a complete end-to-end migration to Shopify? We will get you past the finish line and fully launched on Shopify from Adobe Commerce (Magento).

What makes us different:

We create bots, crawl and capture your product data without disrupting your existing websites operation. Since we are a white-glove migration service we are not using an API to migrate your data. We have full control of the entire migration process with many checkpoints to address common issues when moving platforms. Our focus is on matching page for page 1:1 to retain your existing website rank and authority with Search Engines. We set up your theme, apps, store settings, and get you up and running on Shopify.

We also migrate content, category content, and much more. 

A common issue we have solved is with embedded images. We pull all URLs in bulk, download to a local folder, then upload to your Shopify CDN folder, and remap the URLs in bulk. Once moved all images are now hosted by Shopify. This prevents your images from completely breaking. Another common issue is losing your embedded URLs to Social Channels, and Google traffic.

We take care of the entire process to be sure you do not lose your existing traffic/SEO.

Adobe Commerce (Magento) is still the biggies e-commerce platform on the internet. But the cost to manage an open source platform can not only cost a bunch of money but cost you a lot of time. Getting moved from Adobe Commerce (Magento) to Shopify is quick and easy. We capture all the data, and get everything moved to Shopify and launched so you can start capitalizing on the amazing features of this modern platform. Adobe Commerce (Magento) has its benefits but overall our clients are glad they made the switch once they get launched.

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