Migrating Your Catalog To Walmart Marketplace

Getting your products added to Walmart Marketplace is a process and we have a well thought out service to help get you up and running quickly with the highest validation rate. Walmart is not the easiest platform to get your products added to, and that is exactly what we do, we upload your products and then you can manage your own account.

Open Listings Report

You provide us with an Open Listings Report (for FBM Items) or an Active Listings Report (for FBA Items). You will have time to exclude any items you don't want to be moved, but for everything else, we will crawl the ASINs to capture the full rich product data to use in your project.

Setup Account

We will send you instructions to provide us user access to your Walmart account. We will provide a special email address unique to your project.

Basecamp Invite

You'll receive an invite to our Project Management system where you will see the scope of work, updates on our progress, and you'll have the ability to chat with our entire team.

Items Missing UPC Codes

If your products do not have UPC codes in the Amazon system then you have a few options:

  • You can request a UPC code exemption from Walmart.
  • You can provide us a list of UPC codes from the suppliers files.
  • You can purchase UPC codes and provide them to us.

Many of our clients purchase UPC codes and provide them to us in the case the products do not have them already. In most cases Amazon's system does have them and it's not an issue.

SKU Issues

Walmart allows one unique SKU per listing in your account. So if you've uploaded products in the past then keep in mind that the SKU must be unique OR we will use the existing listing and update it with the current information from our new feed.

Image Sizes

Walmart has a minimum image size requirements. This means if your product images are the size of a thumbnail, then they will not accept the product listing. So keep in mind that if your product images are too small then that is something you will need to correct before we can perform our service.

Categories Are A Suggestion

We map categories in the category listing feed we use to upload your products. However, it is completely automated as to where the products ultimately land. Since the category listing feed is specific to the parent category, we know the products will land inside the parent category, but the sub-categories are chosen by Walmart's system.

Support Cases

If there is a system error requiring a support ticket then we will handle support cases to resolve issues related to listing products with the category listing feed. Account restrictions, restricted product issues, or other issues not related to our scope of work will need to be handled by you.

Listings Merged/Ownership

If you sell a product that is already in the Walmart Marketplace catalog, then your new listing will merge with the existing listing. This means you will not have control over the listing content (like descriptions, titles, etc) and your offer will show up on the product page. If you are not the original creator, then there is no way to gain control over those existing listings.

Restricted Items

If you're selling a product that is considered a restricted brand, restricted category, or restricted item, then we have no control over what items cannot be sold in the Marketplace. This is not a very common issue, but from time to time this does come up. So make sure your items are allowed in the marketplace, and that you have full category approval.

Lead Time (Lag)

We can set lead time for your products in the Lag Time Feed. But there are some things to know about the limitations. The default ability for the Lag Time value is 0 OR 1. Meaning Same Day or Next Day the item leaves your warehouse. If we put a higher value into the Lag Time field (e.g. 4) then Walmart auto sets the number to 0 (same day). The only way around this is by requesting a Lag Time exemption through Walmart Support.

48-Hours To Launch

If you have never launched a product for sale on your Walmart account and are launching for the first time. Then launching your account can take 48-hours. Keep this in mind when scheduling a time to go live only if you have a brand new account.

Inventory Added At End

We upload all listings with 0 inventory value to prevent them from going live until we have the green light to launch them by you. This means you have a few options to add inventory.

  • We can add a blanket number (e.g. 50) to all items.
  • We can export a fresh inventory count from Amazon and bulk upload to Walmart.
  • If you have a third-party system syncing the inventory then you will connect it and the numbers will auto change.
  • You can manually upload an inventory report in bulk or manage inventory from your Seller Center admin.

If you have any questions about the process then reach out to us anytime!

Handcrafted Migrations

Our service is a bit different than other automated systems. Our handcrafted migration solutions are designed to be handled with care, for well established companies, and to retain existing search engine rank (SEO).

All Migrations Include:

All Clients Receive Support 7-Days A Week
Ongoing Support
Project Management Portal
Scheduled Phone Calls
Quick Turnaround for Requests
Free Link QA Crawling
Strategic Site Launches
Contact Us
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