Quality Control Crawl Your Migration To Shopify

Quality control crawling is important to make sure your Shopify migration is successful. We perform a series of crawling to ensure that all URLs are properly hopping to the final destination and to catch any URLs that are not linking properly to Shopify. This is the best way to see under the hood 100%.

During your migration, we are matching your pages 1:1 including Products, Collections, Content, Blog, Blog Posts, and Home Page. This includes the body content and all embedded hyperlinks, page metadata, alt-tag data on images, migrating image assets to the Shopify CDN and re-embedding the image into the HTML body, and 301-redirects from the existing canonical URL to the new Shopify handle.

Once all of the existing pages are created and linked on Shopify, the crawling can begin to make sure that everything is built out properly. Here are the crawls we perform to perform the perfect migration to Shopify.

Crawls Performed

  1. Crawl Existing Website - Initial crawl of your existing website including all discoverable pages and sitemap are captured.
  2. 301-Redirects Crawl - We crawl the 301-Redirects URLs that we added to Shopify linking your existing URLs to ensure they are linked properly.
  3. Crawl Shopify Website (Pre-Launch) - We crawl the new Shopify site which includes all pages and assets to be sure that all URLs within the Shopify pages are active.
  4. Original URL Crawl (Post Launch) - We crawl all of the original URLs captured before the project started to be sure all URLs are linking properly.
  5. Crawl Shopify Website (Post-Launch) We crawl the new Shopify site which includes all pages and assets to be sure that all URLs within the Shopify pages are active.

There are additional crawls that can be performed for advanced websites to quality control check through other sources of data.

  1. Search Console Crawl - We can export a list of URLs that Google Search Console has indexed and crawl through all URLs to ensure everything has been linked properly.
  2. Google Ads URL Crawl - We can export your campaigns and crawl the destination URLs to ensure everything is hopping to valid pages.
  3. SEO Tools - If you use SEMrush, UberSuggest, or any other SEO tool then you can export the URLs from that service and we can crawl through the URLs that were captured and monitored by that service to ensure all URLs are linking properly.

Handcrafted Migrations

Our service is a bit different than other automated systems. Our handcrafted migration solutions are designed to be handled with care, for well established companies, and to retain existing search engine rank (SEO).

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