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We help brand owners upload their catalog to Amazon's Vendor Central, Walmart Vendor Center, and other wholesale retailers for B2B and B2C selling channels.

Shopify Email Template Design

We'll set up your Shopify notifications and design them to match your brand. Capitalize on this commonly wasted time and attention you have with your customers and offer promotions and automate transactional marketing. We'll set up, design, and automate the email templates and notifications already built into your Shopify store. Shopify has 23 notifications and email templates that your customers will receive depending on what they are doing on your site. The basic notification templates are in place, but they can be enhanced, designed, and marketing automation can be applied to them to capitalize on the opportunities after you make a sale. This is a first step approach to marketing your website with the hottest people you have, a customer that has just purchased something.

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