Shopify Store Launch Information

It's an exciting time to launch your new Shopify store and to have all your existing website content on this modern platform. There are some things to know when going for launch that are useful and in some cases can prevent hiccups during the process. Have a look below and if you see anything that you have questions about then reach out to your project manager and we'll go over everything with you.


If you currently have professional email hosted on your current server then there is a chance after you launch on Shopify that you'll end up losing your email after shutting down your old server. You may want to contact your hosting company to be sure. Here is what to ask...

  • Is my email hosted where my website is hosted?
  • Can I cancel my hosting without affecting my email hosting?

In some cases the email software is part of your website software. In that case you will lose your email access. If your host offers email as an add-on then you should be able to keep that separate and cancel just the website hosting plan.

If you need to migrate your email then ask your project manager about our Email Migration and Google Workspace setup service.

Orders & Customers

If you're migrating your customers and orders to Shopify then all your accounts and the order history will be added to your new store. You will then want to Bulk Invite your customers to their new account. We can assist in bulk sending customers an email to activate their account. This process will happen after the store is launched for more than 24 hours.

DNS Checklist

If your domain name records are hosted somewhere other than the registrar you purchased it from then we will need to switch your name servers, rebuild your records, and then launch your site. If the registrar is hosting your domain name records then we will simply make 3 changes to your records.

  • A Record Change (IP Address) pointing to Shopify
  • CNAME Change (WWW) pointing to Shopify.
  • SPF Record addition giving Shopify permission for system notifications to send email from your domain.

Timeframe After Switchover

When we switch your domain name records we are constantly checking the public DNS Propagation to make sure the new records are picked up around the main internet hubs of the world. This can be a pretty instant process. However, not all computers cache are cleared causing some traffic to continue to flow to your old website for up to 24 hours.

  • Computers that have accessed your old site within 24-hours may still go to your old site.
  • After the 24-hour period, all traffic will flow to Shopify.
  • New user traffic will flow to Shopify right away.

Google Search Console

After your website is launched we will go in and re-submit your Shopify sitemap to your Google Search Console account. Please provide access to Google Search Console to [email protected] prior to your website launch.

Broken Links QA 404 Crawls

We perform a series of QA crawls to plug up any broken links on your site. Here are some of the crawls and reporting we perform, review, and compare to make sure all of your traffic is hopping and flowing smoothly.

  • Full URL crawl of your site before the project starts.
  • 301-Redirect crawl to check hops for the redirects we map during the project.
  • Full URL crawl of your site after the site launch.
  • URL Comparison of the before and after launch crawl reports.
  • On site URL hopping reports (for embedded URLs on page)
  • Site HTML page link check.

The goal is to be sure that Old URLs hop properly to New URLs. If any on site URLs linking to other pages on site or externally flow to a live page. Also the links to all accessible pages on site do not lead to a 404.

Handcrafted Migrations

Our service is a bit different than other automated systems. Our handcrafted migration solutions are designed to be handled with care, for well established companies, and to retain existing search engine rank (SEO).

All Migrations Include:

All Clients Receive Support 7-Days A Week
Ongoing Support
Project Management Portal
Scheduled Phone Calls
Quick Turnaround for Requests
Free Link QA Crawling
Strategic Site Launches
Contact Us
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