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Expert E-Commerce Setup

We setup e-commerce stores and take care of the product uploading, theme and store setup, collections, apps, and launch of your new store.

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Store Setup Tasks

We offer each of these tasks as a stand alone service on a retainer or small task basis.

Theme Installation
Installation of your theme file from the Shopify Marketplace or 3rd party seller.
DNS Setup
We'll setup your domain settings to point to your website or email software.
Shipping Settings
Create different shipping models based on pricing, flat rate, or live rates.
Theme Colors
All colors in your theme's footer, header, product pages, etc.
Content Page Migration
We'll move content pages like Contact Us, About or Product Information pages.
Tax Settings
Setup tax rates based on location, state, or live tax rates.
Font Family Setup
Most themes have a collection of font options for each section of your site.
Banner Setup
Hero Banner uploading, overlay text options, etc. will be setup for you.
Payment Gateway
Pick a payment provider and we'll set it up so you can accept credit cards.
Homepage Layout
Select and map each section of your home page with banners, products, etc.
301/URL Redirects
Retain your SEO by redirecting your old site pages to your new matching pages.
Customer Uploading
We'll bulk upload your customers from your old website to Shopify.
Header and Footer Setup
Navigation, social icons, logo, colors, and other navigation options your theme offers.
Product Migration
Move your products from your old platform to Shopify in bulk.
MailChimp Integration
Install MailChimp app to collect subscribers and push e-commerce order data.
Homepage Metadata
Home page meta data handcrafted to match your company's niche.
Product Category Setup
Create and map your products to your categories/collections dynamically.
Facebook Pixel Setup
If you advertise on Facebook then adding this pixel data allows you to track your ads.
System Notifications
Emails, orders, and many other types of notifications customized to your brand.
Image Uploading
Upload image assets for your banners, content pages and product detail pages.
Google Analytics Setup
We'll setup your Google Analytics property so you can track your visitors and revenue.
Security - SSL
SSL Certificate Installation or Setup to keep your site secure and boost SEO.
Multiple Image Uploading
Products that have multiple angles will be uploaded to each product detail page.
Embedded Videos
Upload your videos to YouTube and embed videos on content pages & product pages.
Customized Checkout
Checkout pages customized with your logo, colors and other options your store offers.
Amazon Integration
Connect your SKUs to match your FBA or FBM products on Amazon.
Multi-Browser Testing
We'll test your site for compadibility and bugs on major browsers.
Handcrafted Metadata
Handwritten meta data for quality SEO rank that matches your niche.
eBay Integration
Connect your SKUs to match your eBay products and sync inventory.
Multi-Domain Setup
We'll setup and point all your domains using the best DNS practices.
Google Shopping Setup
Advertise your products on Google by sending a product datafeed to Google.
Channel Integrations
Connect supported channels and marketplaces to your store.
Blog Setup
We'll test your site for compadibility and bugs on major browsers.
Domain Name Switchover
When your ready to launch your store we will change your domain name settings.
Google & Bing Sitemap
Validate and Submit sitemaps to both Google and Bing for SEO purposes.
Blog Post Formatting
We'll format and use the best SEO practices for your content.
App Setup
We'll setup an app of your choice from the Shopify App store.
Inventory Updates
Update inventory levels in bulk through Shopify or .csv spreadsheet.
Offer a wholesale portal to your B2B customers to automate your sales.

Handcrafted Product Uploads

Our service is a bit different than other automated systems. Our handcrafted product uploading solutions are designed to be handled with care, for well-established companies.

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