2-Day Nationwide Shipping For Your Walmart Orders

Walmart Fulfillment Services

Let Walmart Pick, Pack, and Ship your products Nationwide with their 2-Day Fulfillment Service. Increase your seller metrics scores, get more positive feedback, and save money while offering fast shipping.

Apply, Upload, and Send Inventory To Walmart

We help small businesses bulk capture their full rich product data from selling channels like Amazon, Shopify, and other sources like your Supplier's product data. We then bulk upload that data to Walmart Seller Center. If you're going to be sending your products to Walmart's FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) competing service, WFS (Walmart Fulfillment Service), then you will need to submit your listings to Walmart as WFS. Similar to Amazon's process to send FBA items.

Take advantage of the WFS perks like the enhanced Item Page Content, Nationwide Guaranteed2-Day Delivery, and Increased Seller Metrics Scores by using Walmarts Fulfillment Services.

Walmart Fulfillment Services

Ship your inventory to Walmart and have them Pick, Pack, and Ship your products to Walmart Customers that purchase your products. We'll setup your listings for Walmart Fulfillment Service so your products are live and ready for you to send Walmart your inventory.

Walmart Setup Service

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