Walmart Supplier Center

Product Uploading Service

We'll crawl and capture your rich product data from Amazon Marketplace (and other sources) and then format, validate, and upload to Walmart Supplier Center.

Walmart Supplier Product Onboarding

If you have a Walmart Supplier Center account and will be selling inventory directly to Walmart then you're in the right place. Selling direct to Walmart is a bit different than selling in the Walmart Marketplace. Selling direct means you have been approved to be a supplier to sell inventory directly to Walmart once they send you a purchase order. After your account is setup and approved for Walmart Supplier Center, you'll be required to upload your product information to Walmart's system. This allows them to see the available inventory and submit purchase orders to you. Pelican Commerce will help you capture the rich product data from one of your channel catalogs like Amazon, or your website and then format, upload, and validate to Walmart which will get you to market faster.

Walmart Marketplace Setup

See our full Walmart Service page and get started today!

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