E-Commerce Shopping Cart Migration

Website Migration Service

We'll migrate your old E-Commerce website to a new platform of your choice.

Move Your Existing Store

We'll get you setup on one of these platforms from virtually any shopping cart.

Re-Platform Your Existing Website

Moving your website can be overwhelming and that is why we've designed the most comprehensive migration service.  Get your website moved without losing your existing Google Traffic, Rank, and Authority with our page for page migration service. We first map all pages from your existing site to Shopify, BigCommerce, or WordPress/WooCommerce. The key to retaining your existing SEO is matching all the page data including all content, metadata, alt tag data for images, and making sure that all linked hope properly. Especially your primary canonical URL which we put a 301-redirect to notify search engines of the permanent URL change.

We also migrate your categories, set up your navigation, and your theme to match your brand. We set up shipping, payments, and tax and then launch your new store. We handle the entire process end-to-end with our well-thought-out scope of work. Reach out to us today and we'll create a customized scope of work to re-platform your business so you can start growing using modern e-commerce tools and marketing.

Replatform to Shopify Migration Service

We strategically migrate existing websites to Shopify and retain your SEO Rank & Taffic

Products, Variations, + All Attributes

All products, variations, images, attributes including custom fields.

Content + Blog

Content pages including blog, blog posts, and embedded images.

SEO Migration

Google Traffic, Authority, and Rank Transferred to Shopify

Customers + Orders

Customer accounts and the customers' historical order history. 

All Images, PDFs, + Videos

All images including embedded images + PDFs get moved to Shopify CDN.

Store Settings

Shipping, Tax, Notifications, and other store settings setup and matched. 

Google Rank, Traffic, & Authority

Don't Lose Your Google SEO

Retaining your SEO is mission critical and we have you covered. Our migration process from start to finish has the most comprehensive scope of work for keeping your Rank, Authority, and Traffic on Google and around the web.

All Migrations Include

All Clients Receive Support 7-Days A Week

Ongoing Support

Big or small changes, we're here to help ongoing. 

Quick Turnaround for Requests

We're in contact with our clients all day, every day. 

Project Management Portal

Actionable, organized communication within our project portal.

Quality Control Crawling

Crawling is the best Quality Control for a smooth transition.

Scheduled Phone Calls

Phone + Video Conference with your project manager.

Strategic Site Launches

We seamlessly handle the entire launch process for you.

Let's Build Together

Tell us about your goals and we'll get back to you right away. 
All Pages

Provide us with your website URL for Migration Projects or product SKU count for Product Uploading Projects for a faster quote.

Book A Free 30-Min Discovery Call

Speak to an experienced project manager and take your business to the next level!
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