What CAN Automated Migration Software (like Cart2Cart & LitExtension) NOT Migrate?

Automated migration tools can work great, but they are short-of complete. These plugins and platforms like Cart2Cart and LitExtension will transfer your product data as-is, create collections, orders, customers, reviews, etc. Each platform they service has a list of which data points they can move to Shopify. But there is a lot they absolutely cannot do and here's a list of the various things that will not be migrated using one of these API Tools:

What Migration Plugins CANNOT Transfer:

  1. Cannot Setup your Theme - Banners, Fonts, Colors, Layouts, and Graphics.
  2. Cannot migrate embedded image assets to the Shopify CDN including PDFs, or Videos hosted on your server. 
  3. Products that exceed Shopify's 3 Variation Drop-Downs, and or a total maximum of 100 SKUs per product page.
  4. Tabs on the product detail page with both default information (across the entire site) and product-specific tabs with custom attributes. 
  5. Product Attributes from a grid generated on your old website by the database. 
  6. Custom products that require text boxes, tick boxes, checkboxes, swatches, etc. (Requires app setup in Shopify). 
  7. HTML Format Conflicts with Shopify's Editor.
  8. 301-Redirects for Embedded URLs in the HTML Descriptions.
  9. Custom Shipping Profiles.
  10. Tracking Code for Google Ads, Facebook, Event tracking code, etc. 
  11. App Setup.
  12. Tax, Payments, Notification Templates.
  13. POS and other Channel Setup like Facebook Commerce, Instagram, and Amazon. 
  14. Custom Fulfillment Setup.
  15. Custom Banner Placements.

If you have a simple migration, then using one of these self-service tools may be a good fit. But, be prepared to handle the other half of the setup. If you're looking for a Full-Service scope of work that covers all aspects end-to-end, then reach out to Pelican Commerce to go over your migration project.

Handcrafted Migrations

Our service is a bit different than other automated systems. Our handcrafted migration solutions are designed to be handled with care, for well established companies, and to retain existing search engine rank (SEO).

All Migrations Include:

All Clients Receive Support 7-Days A Week
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Quick Turnaround for Requests
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