What's Included In Advanced Shopify Reporting?

If you're at the stage of looking at which Shopify plan to select, then you've probably seen "Advanced Reporting" as an option on the more expensive "Advanced Shopify" plan. It is unclear without some research what additional functionality you gain with Advanced Reporting. So we took the time to test the other reports and functionality to get the scoop. Check out the results below.

What Exactly Do You Get?

All Shopify plans come with the majority of the available reporting. There are only 2 Additional Reports that you unlock with Advanced Reporting and also the ability to Save Custom Reports. The two reports that you open are the following.

  • At-risk customers (Report)
  • Loyal customers (Report)
shopify custom reports example 10

What are custom reports?

Advanced Reporting opens the ability to create custom reports. The custom reports functionality allows you to select and save the report type, filter, date range, and columns so that you can easily have the exact date you need each time you open the saved report.

If you opt to go with a lower Shopify plan, then you'll still have access to all the same features, but each time you select a default Shopify report, you would need to choose your date range, filters, and columns because they reset back to default once you close out the report.

Is it worth upgrading?

If you have a high volume business and are an analytical person, then I think it is worth it. But most business owners don't run reports often enough to justify the additional cost. The better way to look at the Shopify plan is to focus on the credit card percentage and if the transaction percentage will save you money by upgrading. If you think the higher plan will pay for itself based on the credit card percentage, then I think having custom reporting is a great feature.

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