How to Pick a Shopify Plan for Your Business in [2024]

So you've migrated to Shopify and need to pick a plan? This decision is simpler than you might think because Shopify integrates all core features into every plan. The main differences between the plans are the discounts on shipping, payment processing fees, and the number of users who can access the admin with their own logins. There are other small considerations like reports and international shipping. Overall, the system is the same across all plans with features tailored to different business needs.

Current Shopify Pricing and Plans

Shopify offers four main plans: Basic, Shopify, Advanced, and Plus. Each plan builds on the same robust core system, providing essential tools to run your online store. The primary differences lie in credit card processing fees and advanced features. Let's explore each plan in detail to help you make the best choice for your business.

Basic Shopify - $39/month (billed yearly)

Perfect for solo entrepreneurs and small startups. It includes:

  • Credit Card Rates: 2.9% + 30¢ USD online, 2.7% + 0¢ USD in-person
  • Reports: Basic reports
  • Staff Accounts: 2 staff accounts
  • Shipping Discounts: Basic shipping discounts

The Basic plan provides all the core functionalities needed to start your online store. The main limitations are fewer staff accounts and basic reporting tools, but it's a solid choice for those just getting started.

Shopify - $105/month (billed yearly)

Ideal for growing businesses needing more advanced features. It includes everything in Basic, plus:

  • Credit Card Rates: 2.7% + 30¢ USD online, 2.5% + 0¢ USD in-person
  • Reports: Professional reports
  • Staff Accounts: 5 staff accounts
  • Shipping Discounts: Better shipping discounts

The Shopify plan offers enhanced reporting and additional staff accounts, making it suitable for businesses experiencing growth and needing more robust tools to manage their operations.

Advanced Shopify - $399/month (billed yearly)

Designed for rapidly scaling businesses needing detailed analytics and more flexibility. It includes everything in the Shopify plan, plus:

  • Credit Card Rates: 2.5% + 30¢ USD online, 2.4% + 0¢ USD in-person
  • Reports: Advanced report builder
  • Staff Accounts: 15 staff accounts
  • Shipping Rates: Third-party calculated shipping rates

The Advanced plan is perfect for businesses that require comprehensive reporting and significant shipping flexibility, ensuring they have the tools needed to scale effectively.

Shopify Plus - Starting at $2,300/month

For enterprises needing a highly customizable solution. It offers:

  • Advanced Features: For high-volume businesses
  • Dedicated Account Management: Personalized support
  • Customizable Checkout: More control over the checkout process
  • API Support: For custom integrations

Shopify Plus is the best choice for large businesses with complex needs, providing unparalleled customization, support, and scalability.

Reasons to Upgrade

Credit Card Fees: Lower transaction fees can save you money as your sales volume increases. Shopify offers discounts on Shopify Payments depending on your plan. Calculate your monthly revenue by the base plan’s credit card percentage and subtract the difference in the discount to see if it makes financial sense.

Discounted Shipping Rates: Printing labels directly from Shopify's admin offers better-discounted shipping rates, especially beneficial if you handle a large volume of shipments. Evaluate the discounted shipping rates available with higher plans to see if the cost savings justify the upgrade.

Enhanced Capabilities for Large Brands: For businesses generating tens of millions in revenue, upgrading to Shopify Plus might be the best option. The benefits include greater control over payment gateways, enhanced SSL certification, and advanced customization options through direct code access.


Choosing the right Shopify plan depends on your business size, growth stage, and specific needs. Assess your current situation and future goals to make the best choice. Remember, you can always upgrade as your business grows. For the most up-to-date pricing and details, check the Shopify Pricing page​ (Shopify)​​ (Shopify)​​ (Shopify Help Center)​.

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