Shopify Migration Service

Migrate to Shopify the right way with a well-thought-out strategy. We migrate hundreds of stores to Shopify annually and have the best process to get you past the finish line. Our specialty is our SEO Migration which is seamless with our migration services.

Migrate To Shopify

It's all about the platform! Getting migrated is the first step to opening the doors to grow your business.

It's simple! Everything gets moved, and like a puzzle it is rebuilt in the Shopify format so you can start utilizing the native system to grow your business.
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SEO Traffic

All websites have SEO Rank but some sites have more!

We perform a comprehensive SEO Migration which consists of a one-to-one match on all content, 301-redirects, meta-data matching, alt-tag matching, hyperlink embedding, and several crawls to be sure everything is matched.
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Web Design

Go Native or Custom with a beautiful Shopify design.

Go native and keep in control of making changes to your own design with Shopify's easy to use theme editor. Go custom and we'll create a pixel perfect website for you.
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Store Setup

Your store isn't complete without Shipping, Tax, Emails, and Settings.

We setup the Shopify system to match your shipping preferences, and we make sure everything is flowing perfectly before launching your new store.
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Zero Downtime Launch

We make a special launch plan for each store we migrate to Shopify. Our seamless switchover will get you fully launched and your new store handed over to you on the SHopify platform.
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Migrate Everything To Shopify


Product Title, Description, Inventory, Pricing, Tax, etc.

Product Images

Product main image and all additional images assigned to each product.

Product Extra Fields

Additional custom fields from your existing cart will be mapped to a supported field.

Product Attributes

Product features, specifications, grid type information, bullet point data.

Product Variants

Product variations for similar product options like Color, Size, etc.

Downloadable Products

Digital products that require no shipping and can be downloaded by the customer.

Pricing/Inventory Rules

Special formulas for bulk inventory and pricing updates to existing data.

Strip HTML Styling

Embedded HTML removal to keep your data displayed clean on your live site.

SEO Retention

301 URL Redirects to retain your current rank on search engines.

Content Pages

Stand alone pages like Contact Us, About Us, and Blog Pages.

Migrate Other Images

Images that are embedded into content pages, home page, etc.


Product Reviews embedded on each product detail page.


Order data containing products, customers, billing info, totals, etc.


Tax settings in your old store admin setup to match your current values.

Coupon Codes

Discount codes in your old store admin setup to match each code and discount.

Fulfillment Service

Fulfillment integrations with services like Fulfillment by Amazon setup.

Categories + Tags

Product categories setup, moved, mapped and assigned to each product detail page.

Category Images

Images that attached to each of your categories for your ALL products page.


Customer date like Name, Email, Phone, and other related info.

Customer Shipping

Customer shipping address to make it easy for new ordering and reorders.

Customer Billing

Customer billing address to make the payment process easier for new orders.

Customer Groups

Grouping data from your old cart admin to keep your customers grouped together.


Manufacturer date linked to each product for easy filtering and product page info.

Manufacturer Images

Carts that support manufacturer logos for “Brand” pages for easy shopping.


Migrating to Shopify is the first step in your journey in taking your business to the next level. Shopify has built a platform that is focused from the ground up on E-Commerce businesses. This means everything from the native functionality to the database is designed and optimized to run a product-based business that is well connected to other apps and platforms. Shopify is easy for you and your team to use to make changes to the design, add and manage products, and especially easy for your marketing and customer service team to attract and help customers.

About Our Shopify Migration Service

Getting setup on Shopify from scratch is a breeze for most small and medium-sized businesses. But when you have the weight of a legacy shopping cart then it can be hard to know what to do and if you are doing it right. (Especially when it comes to keeping your search engine rank.) That is why our service is SEO centric to keep your current search engine rank all while moving your products, images, content pages, customer data, and much more. We can handle the entire migration, theme, and store setup and get you fully launched all while you focus on more important things. (Like taking your business to the next level after we get your site launched.) Contact us today for a quick quote to get you fully moved to Shopify from virtually any platform.

All Migrations Include

All Clients Receive Support 7-Days A Week

Ongoing Support

Big or small changes, we're here to help ongoing. 

Quick Turnaround for Requests

We're in contact with our clients all day, every day. 

Project Management Portal

Actionable, organized communication within our project portal.

Quality Control Crawling

Crawling is the best Quality Control for a smooth transition.

Scheduled Phone Calls

Phone + Video Conference with your project manager.

Strategic Site Launches

We seamlessly handle the entire launch process for you.

It's Time To Take Control

You're just an email away from getting your Next-Gen Tech Stack 
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